Amy Charron: Child Kidnapping by CPS

Amy Charron is a single mother who’s young daughter was wrongfully taken by CPS in Texas 20 Months ago. She argued her case Pro Se (represented herself) and actually won custody, only for them to rescind the ruling a couple of days later
Her daughter was placed in the care of Amy’s mother and step-father where Amy experienced documented child abuse as a child herself and is very concerned for the welfare of her young daughter. Here’s her story.

Part 2
Part 3

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21 thoughts on “Amy Charron: Child Kidnapping by CPS

  1. kingwood alumni

    I have known Amy and her family for 31 years. She has never been abused. Her daughter was not kidnapped and her parents are doing a kindness by taking Markel into their custody. I am disgusted by the way she is using this unfortunate incident to generate attention and pathetic sympathy for herself. I am equally disgusted by the way so called advocates jump to her rescue without researching her background. She has a history of mental illness and I, myself have witnessed irrational and sometimes dangerous behavior. Don’t get sucked in.
    Signed, someone who knows the truth.

  2. objective observer

    After reviewing Amy’s numerous public slander attempts against her loving parents, I can’t help feeling that they are the victims in all of this. In order to help set the record stait, I wish it known that in my associations with Amy I have found her to be unstable and delusional. I will not accuse her of lying because I think she actually believes most of what she is saying. I pose the question: why would retirement age people steal a child that they would have to raise. Taking Markel in is a huge commitment and gift of their time and generosity. Isn’t a child better off with family than in the system. Don’t we wish we had known what Andrea Yates was capable of? You decide.

  3. Amy Charron

    I have met with powerful contacts who have seen my evidence. I also have many hrs of audio proving set ups and Governmental fraud! If I were lying with my case so public they would of sued me with all their money and power in TEXAS. It was testified that I was abused…..that I was drugged …..a doctor who admitted to giving meds that were tasteless and powered to my evil mom an step dad. I had numerous witnesses even one I lived with 8 months over abuse when growing up there…’s the obvious a step dad can’t drug a step daughter as a oral surgeon! He lied under oath about it despite over 9,000 saw proof! If I were what these liars are saying I would of lost my mind with all that I have endured. I have many witnesses that know I am fine! Sure if you drug someone illegally which I have solid proof of you may look nuts from symptoms of drugs…..they planned the whole set up to illegally kidnap my only child! since I haven’t been around them in yrs I have had no drugged feelings that could be seen as delusional if one is being drugged out of her mind and kept trapped in a home while being set up! I was brainwashed for months by these so call good people. I had a perverted scary step dad and a mom who like choking…kicking and biting me! I have proof my girl is being abused as well and forced to believe I am gone by therapy from what I am told! MY own evil mom has no contact between us since OCT 2009 and she is only 4! There money bought them justice … girl screamed bloody murder for me…I secretly taped it while living in there care. She admitted to being hit as well at 2 which I taped ….while saying ouch lifting her shirt up …I snapped pics of it all with so many bruises……Cps hid all my evidence illegally! So by the way my step dad had been appointed by Governor Perry as head of the dental board calling in drugs for his step daughter that are illegal for a oral surgeon. This was called attempted murder by police who then refused to investigate. I had 2 case numbers one made by a lawyer. Now what is amazing is I am denied to do a sworn statement on these crimes in TEXAS yet my girl was stolen over reporting them saying I imagined it……No way can almost 10,000 people be delusional that saw one site only…….my case has been viewed worldwide. My story even went in foreign news. Please if I were all this where are the witnesses? In over 2 yrs only nameless people….only attack me but with the slander I had 2 hate sites shut down……..yes so here’s a fact the name here… well no name is from Kingwood …look for yourself. I met my step dad about 30 yrs ago and he lives in Kingwood…. I will caution anyone who pulls this slander that my contacts can figure out your names like the last ones…..I can sue as well from what I have been told. I have way more for me than against me….look for yourself…..actually with all the numbers of people knowing my case only 4 attacked in over 2 yrs…..they were the same 4 people making it look like others and got caught….what’s that tell you….another thing I offered to do a public lie detector test on a tv show and the enemies would not……how interesting…my offer still stands today…..thank you…..I also offered many times during all this scam of a cover up. So delusion or set up to loose….money does buy justice!

  4. Amy Charron

    and if you are so sure I’m guilty give your name as I did and I will have you investigated by my media contacts….and others for this slander…..and if anyone wants to do that lie detector test and look at all my solid evidence I will gladly do so… I always stated even on radio……

  5. Marchesa Balrum

    I believe Amy 100%. My own mother and brother called me “mentally ill” and as a result my daughter was taken from me at birth in the hospital, put into a foster home and sexually abused by a nine year old boy in CPS’ foster home. When CPS realized I was not “mentally ill” and unstable, I got her back but the damage was done. I have received compensation for this monetarily by the county govt where I live. The whole thing was a nightmare. I know its hard for you people to bellieve that a mother can hate her daughter enough to want to destroy her and take her child away but it happens.

  6. Ramona Mayon

    Yeah, that’s not even a valid comment coming from a pen name. When you say something so slamming, you really oughta leave your name. Otherwise innocent people will be blamed. I am AmyCharron’s former ghostwriter. Even though our collaberation fell apart and we found it impossible to continue working together over a financial matter in which I felt disrespected: at no time did I found Amy delusional. DIfficult to work with, absolutely. Who wouldn’t be in her shoes. I worked with her since Aug. 2010 (minus Jan/Feb when we first clashed over creative processes). She and her new team are hard at work with the data base she built at my company Holy Ghost Publishing. I simply do not wish my input to be part of the product any longer due to an unpaid bill. That in NO WAY reflects on the truth in this case the the State of Texas has acted beyond the scoop of power. THE INDIAN CHILD WELFARE ACT HAS BEEN IGNORED BY TEXAS SUJPREME COURT and that is unacceptable. The evidence and audio show Markel Charron is not well as of Oct 2009. She looked fantastic in Amy’s care. What kind of nazis are running Harris County CPS and if everything is so great for Markel>>>>>>>>>>why can’t she see her birth mother? Markel thinks Amy is dead.

  7. marchesa balrum

    You are correct, I did not use my real name, I am scared to death of the Nazi’s. They kidnapped my baby right after she was born in the hospital, put her in a foster home and allowed her to be violently sodomized by a nine year old foster boy. I got her back however and, I have been scared since. I know what “they” can do–abuse power and get away with it. They could have killed my baby and gotton away with it. Anyways, if anyone wants to write me to find out my real name please email me at and I will send you all the documentation supporting what I say is true.

    CPS is evil, they make money federal funding) off of every child they remove from a home and some dont care what happens to the child as long as their funding rolls in…in Amy’s case some really evil people got away with this crime and its a nightmare and I wish people could stand up and fight CPS, I do have a plan once I move to a safe place where they cannot find me I am not going to be silent for long.

  8. andie

    some of you are just ridiculous… I know for a fact that this does happen… My mother left me in the care of my two grandparents who would force feed me zoloft among other anti depressants at the age of 13… I was not depressed nor bi polar nor ocd not attention seeking or any of the other ridiculous concoctions they made up… I just plain didn’t like them or the facyt that they beat and emotionally abused me… Cps did nothing… I had to live in a homeless shelter at 17 because I couldn’t live there anymore… Cps claimed they asked my grandparents about it and they said they hadn’t done anything to me… Cps actually called me a liar!!!

  9. Trinity

    The people who are stating that the CPS/CASS systems are horridly satanic, are 100% correct. It used to be that the system helped was MOSTLY a BENEFIT to help those in need, NOW IT’S 100% flipside, and MOST of the PEOPLE these idiot goof child abusers involve themselves with pay dearly for it. ON BOTH SIDES! They think were all just a bunch of stupid people who can’t stop them…take a look at how many times in history stupid pieces of shit were stopped before, and then come and try and tell us such pathetic stupid crap. EVERYTIME it has happened before, you arctually think with that kind of record your going to beat the odds at destruction of every satanic system? You really don’t know who GOD is then if you think so, but don’t worry a strong reminder will be sent to you very shortly, and it will herald the end of all the antiChrist filth like nazis running child care services.
    God Bless all the good people, like this kind lady & Mother who is trying to protect her children and get them back into her loving care!

  10. marchesa balrum

    I would like Kingwood alumni and Objective Observer, the two that commented on Amy I dare you to please email me and I will show you proof of how corrupt CPS is. Email me at You dont have a clue as to what you are talking about.

  11. Wilbur Witt

    I worked with Amy for a bit, and honestly she is bi-polar. In one sentence she goes from elaborate statements of who she knows and what’s going to happen to “You are NOT my friend, don’t ever call me again!” One time when she did this I was trying to get her FOOD! It was found she hada retarded man living with her and was suspected of having an affair with him! Amy is very mentally ill. She needs medication (and not what she’s getting on the street) and she does NOT need a child. Please read Dr McDonald’s letter to Ramona Mayon. My email is public here and I will take all writers.

  12. Wilbur Witt

    Amy and I had a very big difference of opinion. She was under a lot of stress, as was I. We both lost children, our homes, our fortunes. Combine that with the worse Texas summer in memory and you can see to people who were very beaten down. If Amy had any mental issues, well, so did I. This woman has been wronged. I was misinformed by person, or persons as to her use of medication. I spoke to Amy last night and she is in full control of herself. She admitted, as did I about myself, that she had become obsessed with her case, as she should be. We have both spoken, and are moving ahead. My case is lost. For many reasons; my movement into the entertainment industry, the safety of my grandchildren, and my own peace of mind. Amy’s case goes on. Amy’s mother has been hell bent to punish her and take her child. I intend to do everything I can to expose this plot. Amy is not “crazy.” Her child was not abused in any way. You need to understand the method’s of the CPS, who are basically a criminal organization bent on the trafficking of children like Amy’s. Amy Charron took the full blunt of this Gestapo like organization. Her mother counted on Amy’s fragile health to force her into submission. There is a question of the introduction of drugs into Amy’s system by Dr. McDonald. This is a question about Amy’s mother moving behind the scenes to destroy her. There is misconduct on the part of the CPS and a certain judge in her hearing. These things are not going to be swept under the rug! Amy will be reunited with her child, and the people responsible for this perversion of the law will answer to the authorities. I apologize to Amy for our misunderstanding, and pledge my efforts to her in her struggle to regain her family. For those of you who have had hard feelings about her I ask you to just put yourself in her shoes for just five minutes. Ask yourself; what did Amy do that was so bad that she cannot even hear her daughter’s voice? Even crackheads get a better deal than that! Amy’s case is a watermark of CPS misconduct. When Amy wins, we all win.

  13. Amy Blow

    In one statement, Wilbur makes a comment that Amy is bi-polar and then later recants. She must have bribed him some way. I know Amy and she is dangerous and a liar and severely bi-polar. A person like that does not need a child. She had delusions and I have sent letters to the judge as well as her parents about Amy and her conditions as I have witnessed. The mentally handicapped person that was living with her was taken advantage of by Amy, even sexually. Criminal charges may still arise from these episodes. She is extremely dangerous and I have witnessed her blackmail, extort, and pressure people to do what she wants. I know that CPS is wrong in many cases, in fact, in most cases, but in this case, they are not wrong. Amy is dangerous and needs help.

  14. Amy's Angels

    Every single email on here that is slander and libel against Amy will be traced back to an email! HARRIS COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY INVESTIGATION — MANY CRIMES INCLUDING PRE MEDITATED HOMICIDE AND PHYSICAL ABUSE/CHILD ABUSE OF MARKEL

  15. Joy

    I always wonder how people are supposed “experts” and know what “really” happened in the lives of others. Abuse happens under our noses and dysfunctional families operate with many “secrets.” Part of caring is putting an end to the “war,” the debating, the drama, games and the turmoil. Anyone who has been forced to fight for their child amid insane allegations and hype would have to suffer emotional effects in one way or another. If they didn’t they would not be human. Maybe no one is crazy…maybe they all are. One thing is certain…people love to jump into the game and perpetuate the drama. There will always be two sides of supporters and each side will swear it knows the truth. In reality, neither side knows the truth because people do not know all of the facts. Usually, these situations do not need more “players”…there are enough of them. Perhaps instead of judgement, it is time for some compassion and concern. Want to help a situation? Move toward solution and peace…it will bring more positive results.

  16. fighttxcps

    I’m sorry that some of you people don’t believe Amy but I do!!! My kids were taken away from me on Dec 3 2012 there was no show of cause or anything as to why my kids were taken away from me!!! In their paper work they even stated that there was no abuse neglect or anything the kids were neat and clean. My kids did not cry out for help when they saw the worker at school! My kids also stated that they were not being abused or neglected!!! May God strike me down if I am lien about my innocents in this situation. So do I think Texas is corrupt…………….YES I DO!!! People open your eyes and do your research before you start protecting people that work for cps. Just last yr in the state of Texas 177 innocent children were killed in cps/foster care only one was reported!!!! All over the United States 3,000 or more children were killed in there care!!! This is not just happening in our home front but all over the world!!! My children now are being abused in foster care!!! Every time I see them they have new bruises or marks!!! 2 weeks ago my daughter had 5 cigarette burns on her back!!!!! As for Amy being bipolar if she is so what now a days psychiatrists are diagnosing anyone with maybe 3 symptoms of it. For the person that said Amy is bipolar who are you to say she is?? Are you a psychiatrist? Probably not so you can’t make a judgment like that and think your right!!! Like I said people do your research before you open your mouth about something you are completely clueless about!!!!!! I bet none of you knew that case workers get a money bonus from our government for every child they take out of a single parent home, gay/lesbian home, christian (or what ever other religion) home, families that are on state assents etc. and place them up for adoption!!!!!! How sad is that? Aren’t out children supposed to be our future???? But yet our government is basically selling/trading them!!!! So all of you on her that have done nothing but bad mouth this woman sit and think about what I have just said. We are the only ones who can fight back and put a stop to this!!!

  17. Cat

    My brother has bipolar. Why is that a reason to keep her kid from her? My brother would need help raising a child, but he would at least deserve visitation rights. What about parenting rights for disabled people? This is not right. Not even supervised visits?

  18. Expose the good Doctor

    Without investigating you would think that Amy was really in need of help. Upon investigating and consultng with others I have found similair statements and patterns
    that Amy has accused the McDonald’s of. The lies, the accessability and use of drugs, the patterns of treatment with individuals one on one. The accusations of child abuse not just from Amy but another relative. Sometimes its hard to recognize
    who the bad guys are. Especially when they are right under your nose or neighbors.
    I now realize these people are dangerous to others. Lets pray for Markel and Amy

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