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Kentucky Sheriff Vows To Uphold 2nd Ammendment

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This is what I love about America!

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Marine Pfc. Matthew Morgan carries Ben Baltz across the finish line at the Sea Turtle Tri on Pensacola Beach on Sunday after Ben’s prosthetic leg fell off during the run portion of the race.

Ben Baltz wasn’t excited about competing in yet another triathlon last weekend.

It was his third in the last few months. While he likes bicycling, running isn’t his favorite activity, especially if he can’t win doing it.

The 11-year-old had completed the 150-yard swim and three-mile bike ride in Sunday’s Sea Turtle Tri on Pensacola Beach, but about a half-mile into the run, he knew something was wrong.

“It (the leg) wobbles,” Ben said Wednesday at his home in Valparaiso.

Moments later, the screws on his prosthetic leg came loose and he went down.

What happened next, though, has captured the attention of the nation.

In the moments Ben was debating whether he could hop or maybe crawl the rest of the mile, a man named Matthew Morgan, a Marine who had volunteered to help at the youth event, stepped in.

“(Morgan said) ‘You need help?’ and I said, ‘Sure,’ and he picked me up and carried me,” Ben said.

For the next half mile, Ben held onto Pfc. Morgan with one arm and his prosthetic leg with the other.

Ben said he and Morgan didn’t really speak after their first exchange, but more Marines gathered around and sang a cadence.

As they reached the end and the crowd started roaring, Ben said he felt grateful for the help, but a little frustrated and embarrassed that he couldn’t complete the course on his own.

Freedom of movement is one thing Ben has gotten used to since he was fitted with a prosthetic leg in the summer of 2009. His lower right leg was removed the year before when he was 6 because of a type of bone cancer called osteosarcoma.

Until Sunday, his most spectacular leg malfunction came during a soccer game that he finished by taping it together with duct tape.

As news of his latest malfunction spreads, first on CNN’s website and then elsewhere, Ben remains mystified about why everyone is so interested in talking to him, especially since he didn’t finish the race on his own.

“He has no idea what the big deal is,” his mother Kim Baltz said with a laugh. “He honestly does not. He thinks it’s the Marines.”

According to John Murray, one of the co-founders of Team MPI, which organized the Sea Turtle Tri and helps athletes train for triathlons, no one even knew what had happened to Ben until an announcer spotted him and told the crowd.

“It was kind of a build-up in a way as more and more people became aware,” said Murray, who was standing at the finish line with his wife. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. … I was just overcome by emotion.”

Ben’s father, JC, seems to be having the easiest time processing Ben’s skyrocket to fame. He says a shared moment just before the race seemed to almost foreshadow his son and the Marine inspiring a nation with their actions.

JC and Ben were on the beach tossing a football when JC pulled out the bag of Dove dark chocolate candies he always carries and offered his son a piece.

Never one to turn down candy, the STEMM Middle School sixth-grader accepted the chocolate and found an inspirational message inside the wrapper his father had never seen before, despite constantly having it on hand.

It read, “You’re exactly where you need to be.”

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Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011

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1/26/2011–Introduced.Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011 – Directs the Comptroller General to complete, before the end of 2012, an audit of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and of the federal reserve banks, followed by a detailed report to Congress. Repeals specified limitations on such an audit.

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Aneheim Police Brutality

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A horrific chain of events in California – police shooting unarmed people. Those who saw the violence were demanding answers from the cops, but the officers responded violently once again. The video shows some very disturbing images including police firing rubber bullets and letting a dog loose on a woman holding a baby.

Freeze Dry Guy 2-week Sale July 17th – 31st

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Syrian Civil War Could Be Beginning The Globalist Agenda For WWIII

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Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

The Syrian opposition is doing a fine job as directed by the CIA. The connection between these “rebels” and the US government is uncanny. Mainstream media has downplayed the Western intervention into the Syrian conflict, referring to them as “pro-democracy campaigners” without admitting their political agendas or ties.

The same champions of former President G.W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq are cheering on the sidelines, waiting for Obama’s unconstitutional declaration of war in Syria.

Speaking for the Syrian National Council (SNC) is Bassma Kodmani, who was an attendee at the Bilderberg Meeting this year in Chantilly, Virginia. The SNC have had the closest contact to Obama’s administration and called specifically for US forces to militarily strike Syria early on in the conflict. Kodmani has declared: “No dialogue with the ruling regime is possible. We can only discuss how to move on to a different political system.” She also has stated: “The next step needs to be a resolution under Chapter VII, which allows for the use of all legitimate means, coercive means, embargo on arms, as well as the use of force to oblige the regime to comply.”

The NATO forces or “armed peacekeepers” have been waiting in the wings for their direction to attack.

Over 10,000 men armed with “highly-sophisticated weapons, including anti-tank missiles” entered into Syria to assist in the conflict and bloodshed. These trained terrorists took up positions in the suburban areas while other armed groups attacked Assad’s military.

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Holding On To Joy In Hard Times – Healthy Stress Management

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These are tough times getting tougher. We all should know by now that stress may be the number one catalyst for bad health. But denial is not the answer. We need to understand more about the reality of our times in order to survive.

The trick is to do so while retaining a level of equanimity and compassionate detachment, not merely forced cold indifference. Through equanimity, the spark of joy can ignite happiness no matter what the environment is forcing on us.

True happiness comes from within, and there are anecdotes of people in captivity under harsh conditions having an inward sense of serene freedom even while others around them were suffering.

Those moments of clarity and joy under harsh conditions occurred spontaneously only after their inner soil had been cultivated. Working on that inner soil is what the following seven tips are about.

Anyone Catch Ron Paul’s Free Competition in Currency Act? HR 1098

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Bill Summary:

Free Competition in Currency Act of 2011- Repeals the federal law establishing U.S. coins, currency, and reserve notes as legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues. Prohibits any tax on any coin, medal, token, or gold, silver, platinum, palladium, or rhodium bullion issued by a state, the United States, a foreign government, or any other person. Prohibits states from assessing any tax or fee on any currency or other monetary instrument that is used in interstate or foreign commerce and that has legal tender status under the Constitution. Repeals provisions of the federal criminal code relating to uttering coins of gold, silver, or other metal for use as current money and making or possessing likenesses of such coins. Abates any current prosecution under such provisions and nullifies any previous convictions.

Watch this bill at open congress

Agenda 21: How Globalist Domination Happens On A Local Level

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Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

Agenda 21 wants to, among other things, bring the American lands back to rewilding.

The non-governmental organization (NGO) The Wildlands Project (WP) is a focusing of the American landscape in preservation for “future generations to inherit a continent rich in wildlife, with plenty of room for all species to roam.”

This does not necessarily mean that there will be room for humans, as we are seeing massive areas of land being placed under restrictions called “conservation easements”, “scenic byways”, “protected areas”, “biosphere reserves”, “wildlife refuges”, etc. The names are varied and plentiful, but the result is always the same: More government control; less human freedom.

The WP claims we are “experiencing the Sixth Great Extinction” because of “human population growth, climate change, resource extraction, new recreational technologies, habitat fragmentation”. Since humanity is not a “highly interactive species” (meaning species whose presence maintains the balance of other plant and animal species with the habitat they share) “we are running out of room to share with nature”.
The science-based agenda of WP has developed the solution of dividing up North America into “four Continental Wildways [of] large protected corridors of land

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Raw Milk: Health Food or Hazard

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Sanborn and Chan-Muehlbauer bought raw milk from Hartmann Dairy through a delivery system that appears common in raw milk circles. They paid Hartmann directly for milk and other food, which was dropped off weekly at a “depot” — one customer’s home — where it was then distributed to other customers. There are about 15 to 20 families in their distribution group, and apparently multiple distribution depots.

Sanborn, Chan-Muehlbauer and two other members of their distribution group — all of them professional, middle-class women with children — elucidated a similar food world view. They shun traditional supermarkets, buying their food largely from coops, farmers markets and Hartmann’s farm.

Their goal: Buy as much local and natural food as possible.