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Alaska Man Arrested For Trading Moose Meat For Firewood

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The Fairbanks man who is accused of illegally trading moose meat for firewood is taking his case to court.

Chad Gerondale, 41, has hired well-known Fairbanks attorney Bill Satterberg to represent him in the “meat for heat” case, as it has been dubbed by online spectators.

“I’ve got a lot to say about it but (Satterberg) told me not to,” Gerondale told the News-Miner Tuesday morning when he returned phone messages left during the weekend.

Alaska Wildlife Troopers last week issued Gerondale a summons to appear in court on Feb. 3 to be arraigned on a misdemeanor charge of illegal barter of game meat. Troopers issued a news release Friday stating Gerondale had been cited for agreeing to trade 125 pounds of moose meat for two cords of firewood.

Buying, selling or bartering of game meat, except snowshoe hares, is illegal. The one exception is caribou meat in northern and western Alaska (units 22-26) may be bartered, but the meat cannot be taken out of those units.

Gerondale allegedly offered to swap moose meat for firewood on the radio show, Tradio, which airs on KFAR 660 AM.

“The allegations are the guy was on Tradio and said, ‘I need some firewood and I’m willing to trade some moose meat,’” Satterberg said.

Trooper Ken Vanspronsen contacted Gerondale to make a deal and then showed up at his house and issued him a citation, Satterberg said.

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Joe Miller Rally in Alaska — Blogger Involved In Altercation

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The media is buzzing today about an altercation that happened at the Joe Miller rally in Alaska.

A left-wing blogger, Tony Hopfinger, tried to corner Joe Miller as Miller was departing. He kept shoving people to get to Miller and it did not go over well. The left tried to blow this up, as did Murkowski, but now several eye witness reports are coming out, along with Hopfinger’s confession that he started it, and the story is going no where.

Red County had an eye witness at the event who provides a first hand account of what happened.

There comes a point to where a person passes the point of getting answers to then becoming a person who is harassing an individual. And Tony Hopfinger crossed the line when it was clear Miller changed his direction because of Hopfinger engaging Miller’s security detail in what started off as a shoving match.

What I also found interesting was the set-up that took place between blogger Jesse Griffin, who when leaving was asking where Tony was. Notably, Griffin was with the individual who asked the question on why Miller was a Welfare Queen.

And leave it to political hacks like Andrew Halcro to say Miller ordered the arrest when Miller wasn’t even there when the security team detained Hopfinger.

Like I said before, there comes a time when the press cross the line on getting questions answered and Tony Hopfinger crossed the line by pushing back and trying to hide behind the First Amendment.

The lefty blogger is claiming he felt threatened. If so, why the heck did he start the shoving match?
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Just How Badly Has the NRSC Screwed Up? Worse Than You Think

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by Erick Erickson
August 26, 2010

17,000 of the 24,000 absentee ballots in Alaska will probably be counted Monday. Given Joe Miller’s late surge, it may not help him. However, I am told by a number of people that given where those absentee ballots came from and his overall support in the areas, the odds remain in joe Miller’s favor.

But word is coming out of Washington that the National Republican Senatorial Committee, already in “cover their butts” mode, is intervening in Alaska to help Lisa Murkowski.

John Cornyn, Chairman of the NRSC, has been upfront that the NRSC will help incumbent Republicans being challenged. But there is a problem with Murkowski. I have confirmed through multiple sources that Lisa Murkowski has already approached the Alaska Libertarian Party. In exchange for putting her on the Libertarian ticket in November, Murkowski will hand the Libertarians a sizable chunk of her +$1 million war chest.

The Libertarian Party Chairman, Scot Kohlhaas, is denying direct talks with Murkowski, and says it probably won’t happen, but I can confirm conversations are still happening regarding this.

I am willing to bet that John Cornyn is sending Murkowski help without first getting a promise from her that she will not run third party if she loses.

What’s more, the NRSC, in “cover their butts” mode, is telling every reporter who will listen that Lisa Murkowski did not take the NRSC’s advice and attack Joe Miller. In fact, the NRSC gave the same advice to Sue Lowden, Jane Norton, Charlie Crist, Trey Grayson and other NRSC losers.

The advice is simple — attack the opponent for being fiscally responsible, i.e. opposed to earmarks and being a real fiscal conservative.

Joe Miller is speaking out on this and accusing the NRSC of meddling in the election. If and when he gets to Washington, the number of people opposed to the present GOP leadership will have one more.

It’s as if Rob Jesmer, the NRSC’s Executive Director, is a Tea Party saboteur, intentionally destroying the NRSC. On the bright side, because of Rob Jesmer’s incompetence, the GOP has one of the most conservative batches of candidates in a long time: Angle, Buck, Lee, Paul, Rubio, and Toomey — all opposed by the NRSC and supported by Jim DeMint.
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