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Amy Charron: Child Kidnapping by CPS

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Amy Charron is a single mother who’s young daughter was wrongfully taken by CPS in Texas 20 Months ago. She argued her case Pro Se (represented herself) and actually won custody, only for them to rescind the ruling a couple of days later
Her daughter was placed in the care of Amy’s mother and step-father where Amy experienced documented child abuse as a child herself and is very concerned for the welfare of her young daughter. Here’s her story.

Part 2
Part 3

Amy’s Facebook

Charles Alan Dyer Is Being Attacked — Call To Action!

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The Irish Family was torn apart and this isn’t the first time CPS has contributed to a wrongful taking of a child. Find another instance here Get on the internet and do your own research. What you find there are only the ones that have been brought to public knowledge. This goes on more than any of us know. CPS has deteriorated to an organization of State sanctioned kidnappers. Let these families know that they are not alone and that we are behind them in their fight to keep their family together. You could be next!

It seems that all that has to happen is you’re ACCUSED of something and CPS comes in and takes the children. Due process is NOT employed, innocent until proven guilty is not even close to part of the equation. No opportunity to give your side of the story, defend against accusations, or face a flesh and blood accuser is given.

Currently, this situation needs YOUR action.

contact the Step-Father at:

Charles Alan Dyer
5819 Hope Rd
Marlow, OK 73055

Officials to contact regarding this situation:

Dennis Johnson

Sen. Anthony Sykes

Judge G. Brant Russell

DA Brett Burns