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Obama Can’t Even Leave Mother’s Day Alone!

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After a controversial campaign week when Barack Obama muddied the waters by endorsing homosexual “marriage,” he revved up a weekend effort to provide Mother’s Day e-cards to moms across the country.

He also issued a statement regarding Mother’s Day. But the result, according to Independent Women’s Forum chief Sabrina Schaeffer, was a “pretty lousy Mother’s Day greeting.”

That’s because it was politicized, she said.

At the White House website, visitors had the option of sending out Mother’s Day e-cards to, according to the site, “help you show some appreciation for the mom in your life.”

Two templates were offered to be sent through email, Twitter, or Facebook. One touted Obama’s Affordable Care Act with the caption “Being a mom isn’t a pre-existing condition” and the other was offered as thanks to the 1.2 military spouses across the country.

This comes in the context of women’s issues as a political flashpoint. From the debate over Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Sandra Fluke to the rhetoric claiming conservatives are pursuing a “war on women,” Obama’s focus on women’s issues has been called pandering. Fifty-six percent of female voters supported Obama in 2008.

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Obama Seeks Higher Taxes On Big Business

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President Barack Obama’s 2013 budget proposal, released on Monday, calls for raising hundreds of billions of dollars from U.S.-based global companies, while ending cherished deductions and tax breaks for oil companies and other big firms.

Resembling previous proposals from the White House, the latest plan renews Obama’s focus on raising taxes on the wealthy and reining in corporate tax avoidance.

But the plan is seen largely as a campaign document that looks ahead to Obama’s re-election challenge in November, with little chance of winning congressional approval.

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Arpaio Receives Death Threats In Obama Eligibility Investigation

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Maverick Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio says his “Cold Case Posse” investigating Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility will release a preliminary report in February of its findings, which he expects to be “controversial.”

“This is a serious law enforcement investigation, and our findings are going to be controversial but based in facts,” the Maricopa County sheriff told WND. Arpaio said a comprehensive report will be issued shortly after the February preliminary report.

“The investigators on the Cold Case Posse are doing a great job,” Arpaio told WND. “They are all law enforcement professionals, and they are all volunteers putting in a lot of hours at no taxpayer expense.”

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Issa Promises To Investigate Obama’s “Green” Deal

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by Frank Whalen


Rep. Darrell Issa, (R-Calif.), chairman of the
House Oversight Committee, has announced
he will launch hearings into the government
loans program that benefited an emerging
“green” company and some of President Barack
Obama’s cronies. The deal with Solyndra, a solar cell
manufacturer, has cost taxpayers up to half a billion dollars,
according to Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.).

According to observers, the administration was driven
mad by its “green” obsessions.With Solyndra now filing
bankruptcy, the company has gone from the poster child
of Obama’s green future to a cautionary tale about cronyism,
political influence and taxpayer exploitation. [See
AFP issue #31,Aug. 1, 2011, page 13 for more.—Ed.]
As part of its stimulus plan to create jobs, the Obama
administration sought to win support from its Democratic
base by showcasing its commitment to environmentally
friendly technologies. Choosing Solyndra to be
that success story, the Department of Energy approved a
$535 million loan for the company in 2009.

The Republican handout,Human Events, reported that
the loan approval processwas fast-tracked, citing an email
toVice President Joe Biden from the Office ofManagement
and Budget (OMB) that stated White House officials
had “a situation of having to do rushed approvals on
a couple of occasions.We would prefer to have sufficient
time to do our due-diligence reviews and have the approval
set the date for the announcement rather than the
other way around.”

Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) said, “The White House
had scheduled Vice President Biden’s and Secretary
Chu’s appearances at a Solyndra groundbreaking event
prior to the Department of Energy even making its final
presentation to OMB on the terms of the Solyndra deal.”
Business Insider stated that auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers
revealed that the company’s finances
“raise substantial doubt about its ability to continue. . . .
Two months later the company was [still] awarded the
loan under a green jobs program.”

Members of the Obama administration were fully
aware of Solyndra’s impending failure, evidenced by a
March 10, 2009, OMB email characterizing the loan as
“not ready for prime time.”Then, after Solyndra declared
bankruptcy, a new restructured deal guaranteed that
friends of the administration would benefit.

Reporter Michael Grunwald wrote on Sept. 3, “Taxpayers
probably won’t even be the first creditors to get
paid after Solyndra files for bankruptcy next week. The
first $75 million will go to two Solyndra investors who
poured in extra cash when the company nearly went bust
in January.”

One of those investors is George Kaiser, who was a
well-known fundraiser for Obama’s 2008 campaign.
Kaiser also is Solyndra’s largest shareholder. 

Obama & Wall Street

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One of the most famous scenes in movie history comes from “Casablanca,” when a corrupt official shuts down Humphrey Bogart’s cafe. Bogart asks the French captain — who also happens to be a gambling aficionado — why he’s closing the joint down. His response is a classic.

“I am shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here.”

Political commentators have referred to Capt. Renault’s uproarious line for years when calling out hypocritical politicians. But few political narratives ever fit that scene as tightly as President Barack Obama’s bipolar approach to Wall Street.

To fully understand the extent of Obama’s double-speak, it helps to let the “Casablanca” scene play out a bit, because after the corrupt captain makes his self-righteous declaration, a croupier hands him cash and says, “Your winnings, sir.”

Capt. Renault quietly thanks the croupier and then quickly returns to the role of reformer by shouting, “Everybody out at once!”

Like that old movie character, Obama seems capable of effortlessly floating between demonizing Wall Street gambling one day and profiting from it the next.

The audacity is breathtaking.

The president has raised more money from Wall Street through the Democratic National Committee and his campaign account than any politician in American history. This year alone,
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Obama Allows Oil Giant BP Back In Gulf

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An unsettling report prepared by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation (Minprirody of Russia) on the ongoing catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico caused by the world’s third largest energy company, British Petroleum (BP), is now stating that they have won approval from the US Interior Department to drill its first exploratory oil well in this region since the blowout of its Macondo Prospect well a year and a half ago touched off that country’s worst ever offshore environmental disaster.

Especially unnerving about this Minprirody report is its stating that the approval given to BP by the Obama regime came less than a week after a “suspected” whistleblower to the Gulf of Mexico oil leak catastrophe named George Thomas Wainwright [photo 2nd left] was reported killed after a shark attack in Australia.

Wainwright, according to this report, was a marine systems engineer who graduated from Texas A&M University and was employed by BP to help control remote-operated vehicles, or ROVs, that worked 5,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico to cap the oil spill.

Six months ago, this report continues, Wainwright “suddenly” left the United States travelling to Australia where he lived until his untimely death last week on a work visa, a “situation” Russian officials familiar with US whistleblowers say is “more than common” for those seeking to hide from American government-corporate retribution for telling the truth about what they know.

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Senators Push for Biometric National ID

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In an opinion article published in Friday’s edition of the Washington Post, Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) say the new identification cards will “ensure that illegal workers cannot get jobs” and “dramatically decrease illegal immigration.”

Schumer and Graham pitched the idea to President Obama during a private meeting Thursday at the White House. Graham said afterward that Obama “welcomed” their proposal for a new ID card law; the White House said in a statement that the senators’ plan was “promising.”

This push for a national ID is part of what the senators say is a necessary overhaul of immigration law, including additional border security, more temporary workers, and a form of amnesty for illegal immigrants already in the United States. It comes just two days before a rally in Washington, D.C. sponsored by groups including the AFL-CIO, Farmworker Justice, and the National Council of La Raza that also calls for amnesty.

Linking national ID cards to immigration reform is a popular idea in Washington political circles. After all, if every U.S. citizen has a biometric-equipped cards, the thinking goes, it’s easy to order employers not to give a job to someone without one.

But concerns about privacy, security, and federalism have torpedoed each one of these proposals so far. A similar national ID plan–which also required that employers do verifications–sunk President Bush’s broader proposal for immigration reform in 2007. A proposal three years earlier by Rep. David Drier (R-Calif.) to create federal ID cards with Americans’ photograph, Social Security number, and an “encrypted electronic strip” with additional information was even less successful.

Then there was the controversial Real ID Act, which tried unsuccessfully to compel states to standardize their drivers’ licenses. But a libertarian grassroots revolt, including an anti-Real ID
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Obama Given Green Light From Judge To Start Any War He Wants

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President Barack Obama can’t be sued by 10 federal lawmakers who accused him of violating the War Powers Act by ordering the attack on Libyan forces without Congress’s approval, a judge said.

U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton ruled today that members of the House of Representatives failed to demonstrate that they had the right to sue executive branch officials, either as members of Congress or as taxpayers. Walton said he was “powerless to depart” from previous rulings by the Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington that limit such lawsuits.

“While there may conceivably be some political benefit in suing the president and the secretary of defense, in light of shrinking judicial budgets, scarce judicial resources, and a heavy caseload, the court finds it frustrating to expend time and effort adjudicating the re-litigation of settled questions of law,” Walton said.

Walton noted that the lead plaintiff in the case, Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich, was also the lead plaintiff in a case that was rejected for the same reason nine years ago

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The World’s Most Dangerous Drug Cartel

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A scathing report authored by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the United States President’s role in protecting the Afghanistan drug trade essentially labels Barack Obama as the most powerful drug cartel leader our world has ever known.

Speaking at a conference this week on communicable diseases Lavrov lashed out over Obama’s refusal to eradicate Afghanistan’s poppy crop and stated, “It is hard for us to understand why our American partners don’t want the International Security Assistance Force to do this. This issue is crucial to the fight against the drug threat and, consequently, the spread of HIV/AIDS.”

Enraging Russian authorities the most was Obama’s 2009 decision to stop the eradication of Afghanistan’s poppy crop and, instead, order American military forces to actually begin protecting not only the fields where these dangerous drug plants are grown, but also protecting the transporters and manufacturers who turn it into heroin.

Since the US war against Afghanistan was launched the Bush administration paid American contractors and Afghan security personnel hundreds of millions of dollars to slash and burn individual poppy fields. Upon taking office, however, Obama regime officials stated bluntly that those efforts to eradicate Afghanistan’s poppy fields had failed and ordered their destruction stopped.

In late 2001 when the US invaded Afghanistan they accounted for 12% of the world’s opium production. By 2008, it accounted for 93% and the United Nations has reported this week that Afghanistan opium production is set to rise another staggering 61% this year.

As a virtual flood of Afghan heroin continues to devastate children and families, Russian officials publicly blame America for this plague because almost all this deadly drug comes from US-dominated Afghanistan and leading Russia’s envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin to warn this past week that Russia will reject the US presence in Afghanistan after its current UN mandate expires.

Not being told to the American people about Obama’s reason for protecting the global drug trade was his being able to use the money gained from this ‘death business’ to save the US economy from complete collapse in 2009 shortly after he took office.
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Obama Memo Gives Licence to Kill

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Waterboarding foreigners is out, but killing of selected U.S. citizens is okay in the new and obscure counterterrorism calculus approved by U.S. President Barack Obama.

When al-Qaeda cleric and American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki was assassinated in Yemen with a missile fired from a CIA-operated unmanned plane, it was the first ever use of Mr. Obama’s secret new “licence to kill.”

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