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Portland’s Protests Attracts Thousands

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The rally and march organized by Occupy Portland is the latest in a series of demonstrations across the country that began in mid-September as Occupy Wall Street in Manhattan’s financial district. It has grown to include similar groups in more than a dozen major cities.

(There were no official estimates of the crowd size, but protestors filled Pioneer Courthouse Square and stretched for several blocks during the march.)

Following the march, dozens of Occupy Portland protestors planned to set up camp in Lownsdale Square near Multnomah County Courthouse and Chapman Square at Southwest Fourth Avenue and Main Street, near City Hall.

After the noon rally in Tom McCall Waterfront Park, West Burnside Street and Broadway were filled with signs and chants from people of all ages and races voicing their disapproval of social and economic inequality, corporate greed and the influence of corporate money in government.

“I think most of America is fed up with the way things are going,” said 56-year-old Earl Smith, who held a sign that read: “Tax the 1%ers.”

“The rich keep getting richer, the poor keep getting poorer and the middle class is joining the ranks of the poor.”

‘Getting out there’

Leaders of Occupy Portland declined to say what specific policy or problem they wanted to see changed. According to several protestors, though, Thursday’s gathering was less about focusing on a specific issue and more about sparking a dialogue on what they believe are the nation’s problems.

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Silent Americans – Are You One?

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In the hundreds of reports I review each day on the most important events occurring in the world I couldn’t help be moved by the picture of a banner during the largest protest in Israeli history yesterday that simply read… “An entire generation wants a future.”

In reading these poignant words written from the depths of a soul being robbed of its future I became deeply saddened because the United States, the one nation in this world that should have been at the forefront of these massive protests sweeping the globe, continues to remain totally silent.

The continued silence of these Americans is even more shocking when one realizes that this is the weekend they celebrate their Labor Day Holiday (5 September) with nary a one of them even knowing that this day of memorial came into being because of the blood shed and lives lost due to a tyrannical government that forgot who they were really serving.

The year was 1894, the place Chicago, when thousands of peaceful protesters striking against the Pullman Palace Car Company, who cut their wages so more money could be put into the pockets of the elites, were violently attacked after President Grover Cleveland ordered over 12,000 US Marshalls and Army Troops to attack them killing 13 and wounding 57 more.

In what is now known as the Great Pullman Strike (the most violent in US history) the consciousness of America was shocked at the barbarity of their government backing the corporate and banking elite classes against the people they were supposed to be serving.  Over 250,000 protesters in 27 States took to the streets in protest against their government’s tyranny causing the elites to retreat in terror lest they become the next victims at the hands of raging mobs.

In a quick appeasement to these workers, President Cleveland pushed through the US Congress the legislation to make Labor Day a national holiday 6 days after the strike ended, and it was passed unanimously.

Seven years later, in 1901, the American people were still on the verge of open revolt against the elite corporate chieftains and banksters when Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt became the 26th United States President upon the assassination of President William McKinley by the avowed anarchist Leon Czolgosz.

Knowing how close his nation was to the abyss of revolution, one of President Roosevelt’s first acts as leader of the American people was to deliver a 20,000-word address to Congress asking it to curb the power of large corporations.  Known as the peoples “trust buster” (corporations in those days were called trusts), Roosevelt brought America back from the brink of that revolutionary abyss by remembering that governments are there to serve their citizens, not the other way around, and that corporations or banks that become to large and powerful also have the power to destroy.

Fast forwarding to today, one cannot help but be saddened that the lives of those who were lost to keep America from going up in revolutionary flames have not only been forgotten, they are despised by a generation walking down the same path to oblivion those once great hero’s of yesterday warned them not to take.

And to see how grotesquely distorted America has become one only need look at the reports from the Obama regime that are now openly referring to these once free people as nothing more than a pieces of the new “federal family.”

To understand the reason America has fallen so far in barely a century, one need only understand, that since their founding, these people have always known that their press establishment is nothing more than the bought and paid for mouthpieces for a corporate-banking-political establishment intent upon total domination and subjugation of everyone who stands in their way.

America wouldn’t even have become a nation if it wasn’t for the great Founding Father Thomas Paine striking out against the “mainstream” press of his time with the publication of his pamphlet Common Sense that united the people of the then British Colonies in open revolt leading to the founding of the United States.

The Great Pullman Strike massacre, likewise, wouldn’t have been known about by the American people if not for the efforts of The American Railway Union (ARU), the largest labor union of its time, who printed millions of leaflets and distributed them all across the nation telling the American people the truth of what was happening because no “mainstream” newspaper in the entire United States (all owned by the corporations) would allow it to be told.

“As much as things change they also stay the same,” the old saying goes, and in today’s America this has become so apparent it is truly frightful to behold….with one major difference…and unlike nearly the entire world’s population today…these people have all but ceased caring and really believe that their silence is going to protect them.

The atrocities committed by, and upon, the American people today are beyond astounding to the point where one cannot help but shudder in sorrow at how far these once great people have fallen.

And the reason they have fallen so far is simple to understand, unlike every single generation that has gone before them, the American people of today have become total and complete sycophants [self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite] to their corporate-political-banking “mainstream” propaganda media structure that serves them nothing more than half-truths, at best, and lies, at the worst.

Even worse, the American people of today, and unlike every single generation that has gone before them, have ceased listening to the modern day Thomas Paine’s and American Railway Union equivalents continuing to warn them about the greater dangers to come.

And the reason they have stopped listening is as incompressible to understand as it is dangerous….they actually believe and act upon everything the “mainstream” propaganda tells them to…even when they know they are being lied to and deceived!

Nothing illustrates this more than the news this past week that the US banking giant Goldman Sachs (who was given untold billions of American taxpayer money) released a secret 54-page report [authored by Goldman strategist Alan Brazil] to a few of its largest investors warning that the entire global economic system is on the verge of total collapse.

Goldman Sachs, who not only paid to put President Obama in office, and surrounded him with nearly all of his “advisors,”  and has done more than any other corporation in history to destroy America…but who, according to their CEO Lloyd Blankfein, are doing “God’s Work.”

Another shocking example is this past week’s landmark announcement from CERN that the “Cloud Experiment” conducted under the leadership of Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark has proven conclusively that cosmic rays from our Sun are solely to blame for Global Warming and Climate Change, and not anything that humans have done, or even could do in the future.

But in the bizarre world that passes for American logic these critical stories won’t be known to these people, not because there aren’t organizations like ours to tell them the truth, NO!, rather that they have been “trained” like obedient pets not to listen to us.

According to this distorted American logic, if it was used by their forbearers, the United States would never have been founded because the “mainstream” British press would have told them they’d be wasting their money if they bought Thomas Paine’s Common Sense pamphlet.  Likewise, they would never have known about the Great Pullman Strike massacre because the “mainstream” press told them not to buy the American Railway Union’s newsletter that told them the truth.

And so today, as the world continues to burn down around them, these American people continue to live their lives in desperate silence falsely believing that by ignoring the truth they will somehow be saved from the greater horrors to come.  After all, it is easier to ridicule and ignore the truth when the “mainstream” media tells you it’s ok to do so….but when do you start asking yourself why?

Now I’m here to tell you that just because you believe a lie it doesn’t make it true…and if in hearing a warning you fail to heed it you have only yourself to blame for the consequences.

Unlike you, however, we have gone through more wars than you can ever imagine, and the main weapon we have always wielded is the same one we’re using now…Truth, Knowledge and Information, none of which any war can be fought or won without.

Unfortunately, though, and unlike our enemies, we have no corporate-banking-political-public taxpayer funds to keep us operating….but neither did Thomas Paine, or the American Railway Union, and too many other such people and organizations to mention.

The difference between the past and now is not that there aren’t those like us who continue to fight these monsters, but rather that the people who once helped keep truth alive have nearly all gone silent.

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Afgan People Protest NATO’s Killing Of 4 People Under Banner Of ‘War On Terror’

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by Jacob G. Hornberger

The angry protests currently taking place in Afghanistan provide a microcosm of the U.S. government’s entire foreign policy and so-called war on terrorism. Afghan citizens are protesting NATO’s recent killing of four people, including two women. NATO officials are saying that the four were terrorists. The Afghan people aren’t buying it. They are angrily contending that the four people killed were innocent.

An angry crowd of some 2,000 Afghans protested the killings. Afghan forces then proceeded to kill 14 protestors. That protest was followed up with another one yesterday in which four people were injured.

What better example of how the U.S. government has instigated and perpetuated the war on terrorism with its very own foreign policy of empire and interventionism?

Here1:16 PM 5/20/2011s how the game is played. The U.S. Empire kills someone in Afghanistan, Iraq, or elsewhere in the Middle East. The Empire exclaims, “We’ve killed a terrorist! We’ve killed a terrorist!”

But one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. The U.S. Empire is a military invader and occupier in that part of the world. Therefore, there are countless people who are trying to oust the occupier from that part of the world. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. Few people like an occupier.

So, while the Empire looks upon people they’re killing as “bad people,” the locals oftentimes don’t see it that way. In fact, given the large number of people that the Empire has killed in Iraq and Afghanistan who had nothing to do with any insurgency, it is entirely possible that the four people they just killed weren’t doing anything to resist the occupation.

Regardless, the fact is that those 4 deaths have caused a lot of anger and rage, which produced the protests, which resulted in even more killing. That additional killing is certain to raise the anger and rage even more.

So, even if we assume that those 4 dead people were insurgents, the Empire is now faced with thousands of angry people, some of whom are likely to become insurgents or terrorists themselves.

Do you see why their war on terrorism is endless? They kill 4 people they say are terrorists and end up with 100 or so more terrorists to kill down the line. And when they kill those 100 terrorists, they’re faced with 1000 more from the people who become angry over those killings.

Do you see why they’ve been over there occupying those countries for more than 10 years?

Why, just last week NATO officials were apologizing for accidentally killing two children — a 14-year old boy and a 12-year-old girl — in separate incidents. They apologized because they said that they had no intention of killing the kids. They were accidentally killed as part of the Empire’s nighttime raids against terrorists.

Regardless of the reason for the deaths of those two kids, it is a virtual certainty that there are going to be people who are angry over their killing. Who wouldn’t be angry over the killing of two innocent children?

After all, consider all the anger and rage that boiled over when the U.S. Empire killed hundreds of thousands of children with its 11 years of brutal sanctions against Iraq. Consider the anger and rage that erupted when U.S. spokesman said that the deaths of those children were “worth it.”

That rage ultimately manifested itself in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in 1993, the USS Cole, the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, and on the WTC on 9/11.

Thus, in the attempt to kill terrorists, the Empire kills two innocent children, which then produces more terrorists from the people who are angry over the killing of those kids.

It’s a never-ending process. Let’s face it: The U.S. Empire has become the greatest terrorist-producing machine in history. For every terrorist they kill over there, they produce 100 more to kill down the line. What better formula for ever-increasing military budgets than that?

I’ve got an idea: Let’s bring all the troops home and see what happens. If terrorists attack the United States, then we deal with them here, not in someone else’s country where children, wedding parties, and others are killed in the process of killing terrorists. At least then, the Empire’s perpetual terrorist-producing machine will have been dismantled.
Jacob Hornberger is founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation.

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