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TME Radio Jump Drives!

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Jump drive

Support alternative news sources. Get your very own 2GB TME Radio Jump drive loaded with your favorite Talk host’s shows or a mixture of all shows… you choose. Use to load with your favorite shows to share with friends and family or delete everything and use to store your personal files.

For a minimum $25.00 donation receive this free jump drive.

contact kelly@themicroeffect.com or call the studio at 888-747-1968, limited supply. 


The Micro Effect Radio

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The Micro Effect Broadcast Network  is a group of broadcasters that are dedicated to brining out what mainstream media is not telling you. Looking behind the pablum that is fed to the people through corporate controlled media. Please take a look at our host’s bios in the right side-bar of the blog’s home page under “About our hosts”. You will see The host’s name listed and the sub page is the name of the show for that host. Feel free to look around and then check The Micro Effect schedule page to find out when hosts that peak your interest air their show.

Saturday, September 11th, 2010 Broadcasts

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The Micro Effect Network is a Radio Network based in Kamiah, Idaho. We feature alternative talk radio with many hosts from many different backgrounds. As a result, a wide array of subject matters cross our airways. You can listen to us online at www.TheMicroEffect.com 24/7.