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The Energy Lie Video – Part 1

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A Dublin company call Steorn has issued a challenge for all engineers and scientist to come and look at their invention, on the sole condition that any of their observations and data be published. so far any engineers that have seen the generator, have supported their claims of 5x electrical generation compared to what is use. The device is kick started by a battery,(which is then recharged by the device) once it starts running, it can remain self sustaining for years. magnetic attraction and repulsion are the driving force behind the machine.

Stunning Ron Paul Video – Wake Up America!

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People who are skeptical of Ron Paul will be stunned after watching this. I was stunned!

Please take the time this Sunday afternoon or evening to share this video with people you know and love, and then post it on message boards everywhere!

I’m going to show my mom and dad later today because I really think it will make a difference.

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